The 3 steps to design your website.

Designing a site is a preparatory process, which is important to follow as closely as possible. If you want to make a site that will be of value to users, do not rush and follow these steps very carefully:

  • The first and the most important step is to get inspiration. Some people can get inspired from dreams, others by watching a movie or taking a girl for a date. If you can be inspired by these, then you are a sensitive individual, and you should be proud for being able to get yourself inspired so easily. These who remain neutral to the everyday things, be it cinema movies or news of the falling skyscrapers, it is time to get it done the other way. Go to some friends and ask for weed or cocaine, or whatever drugs available. Closely follow the dosage that they will advise to you and take some good tripping. If you manage to have some hallucinations then you are fine. Wait when the effect wears out and get to the next step. If this didn’t help, then you are a hard care. Just go google some things then, and copy the ideas from the existing websites, if you can’t bring into the world anything new. Anyway, just use google and get done with it!
  • The step number two is to choose the topic. If you are a gay, it will make sense to clarity that topic is not something that you wear on your chest. It is quite different, and it is a responsible step. How could you choose the actual topic? Just think of your hobbies or the fields of expertise that you could talk much about. Remember that you will have to write a lot after publishing.
  • Make a plan. In Russian language, the “plan” is a colloquial term for weed. Guess why? That’s right! Because it’s best to plan under weed. This is a lot similar to the first step anyway. If nothing comes to your mind just do some chicken scratch on your toilet paper and then don’t forget to flush it – that will do fine for most of the sites!